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Remote control transmitters

  These small, hand-held transmitters can have up to four buttons to operate separate gates and garage doors. Used from the comfort of your vehicle, these are ideal for domestic installations where each driver of the household is issued with their own transmitter. However, how will your visitors, the postman or milkman gain access through the gates?  
  Audio - a simple one-to-one audio intercom can be fitted with up to three handsets mounted in the house  
  Video - a video intercom lets you see who is calling from the gate station  
  Wireless - a wire free digital intercom can be fitted where low voltage cabling has not been installed. These come with portable handsets and can have a range of up to 150m, depending on obstructions like walls, trees and bushes  
  Telecom network linked intercom - this intercom is suitable for long driveways, large properties, multiple apartment buildings sharing a communal entrance and may utilise the existing telecom network  
  A keypad can be part of the intercom, or it can be a stand alone item. Our standard unit has the capability of holding 26 codes which can be split into daytime and household codes.  
  Push button               
    A simple push button on both the inside and outside of the gates can allow unlimited access and egress.  
    Free entry/exit induction loops  
    The most popular way of gaining access and egress from a site is by using induction loops. These are set into the surface of a driveway and work by detecting the metal mass of a vehicle. These allow the gates to automatically open when a vehicle approaches and double as safety devices in keeping the gates open whilst a vehicle is passing through. Override switches and timeclocks can be used to control free entry times.  
    Proximity system  
    This access system is ideal for multiple user sites like schools or offices where users can be individually added and removed and attendance recorded.