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  The type of gate, its position on your property and the amount of use it gets will determine the type of operator you choose to operate your gates.  
  Swing gates  
  These can be automated using 'ram' operators or 'underground' operators.  
  Rams are mounted to the back of your gates and are clearly visible as silver 'arms'. They are suitable for all types of swing gates, those affected by high winds, busy domestic and commercial installations.  
  Underground operators are sunk into the ground at the hinge point and are unobtrusive. They are suitable for most types of swing gates and prestigious sites.  
  Both rams and underground operators can be either electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic.  
  Electro-mechanical operators have a lower duty rating than electro-hydraulic and are suited to small, not wind-loaded domestic installations with low usage.  
    Electro-hydraulic operators have a higher duty rating and are suitable for large, wind-loaded installations. Their life span is longer than electro-mechanical due to their ability to by-pass oil when the gates are stopped.  
    The more use a gate gets, the higher 'duty rating' the operator needs to be.  
    Sliding gates  
    Whether for domestic or commercial sites, sliding gates offer solutions to non-standard gate situations.  
    * a sliding gate needs less space to operate than a swing gate, so can be the solution where space is restricted  
    * on an upward sloping drive where outward swinging gates are not feasible, a sliding gate can be easily installed  
    * sliding gates offer increased security when closed, by offering better resistance to being forced  
    Sliding gates can be automated in one of two ways; cantilever or tracked.  
    Cantilever - for use where the drive surface cannot be disturbed or the entrance is sloping or uneven. There is no track to drive over and the entrance is not out of commission while works are being carried out.  
    Tracked - uses a metal track concreted into the drive surface across the driveway and is suitable where the drive surface is flat and smooth.  
    Garage doors  
    'Up and over', canopy type and outward opening swing garage doors can all be automated.