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Gate Express by tateautomation access control options

Whether security or convenience is your priority, access control - who can enter your property, how and when - will play an important part in your new gate system. Intercoms, radio transmitters, videos and keypads can all be combined to create the ideal system.

Take time to consider your requirements, and discuss the options with your experienced and knowledgeable Gate Express installer.

      1.  Gates, garage doors, and even garage lights, can all be operated from one radio transmitter.  
      2.  Intercoms allow speech between the call unit by the gate and the hand set in the home, from where the gate can  be operated.  
      3.  Coded keypads offer combinations of intercom with coded entry, and are available in a vairiety of styles, finishes and  capabilities.  
      4.  Video intercom allows a view of the caller before activating the gate release.  
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