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  Tate automation testing
  From January 2005, Part P of the Building Regulations came into force. Part P covers electrical safety and amongst its requirements are that any electrical work carried out in connection with a dwelling and 'Special Locations and Installation' should be notified to the Building Control Officer as well as designed, tests and certificated. Garden lighting or outside power installations fall under the heading of Special Locations. The exception to this is if a) the work is not connected to a dwelling, or b) the work is undertaken by a person, firm or individual who is a competent person registered with an electrical self-certification scheme authorised by the Secretary of State.  
  We are a registered firm and can carry out the work without notifying the Building Control Officer. Upon completion of your gate installation, we will carry out the final inspection and testing from which you will receive Certificates of Electrical Completion, as-built drawings and notification from the ECA that the job has been registered with Building Control on your behalf by the ECA. Testing  
  All of this is carried out in-house, by our own staff.